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There are many types of syringes, such as 2 structure syringe mold, 3 structure mold, safety syringe mold, self-destructing syringe mold, etc. . Tianjin Xuansheng Technology could customize syringe molds for standard and non-standard syringes according to customers' drawings and requirements.

Syringe normally consist by 4 parts. They are barrel, plunger, gasket, and needle cap. Tianjin xuansheng technology have rich experience in syringe barrel mold, syringe plunger mold, and syringe gasket mold.

Following are the parameters of different syringe molds.

1. Syringe barrel mold:

Syringe size: From 0.5ml to 60 ml
Syringe barrel structure: Lure or straight syringe
Syringe barrel mould Cavities  16-cavity to 128-cavity
Syringe barrel mould steel:  1.2344, S136, 2083, etc.
Syringe barrel mould Runner system:

Full hot runner by Husky hot runner,

Semi hot runner by Yudo hot runner system

Syringe barrel material: Mostly by PP, some by other materials
Syringe barrel mould cores treatment: Mirror polishing finishing
Syringe barrel mould core structure:  Interchangeable inserted
Syringe Barrel Mould life minimum 1 million shot time


2. Syringe plunger mold:

Syringe size: 0.5ml to 60 ml
Syringe plunger mould cavities quantity: 16-cavity to 128-cavity
Syringe plunger mould steel: 1.2344, S136, 2083 etc
Syringe plunger runner system:

Full hot runner by Husky hot runner,

or Semi hot runner by Yudo hot runner system,

or Cold runner

Syringe Material: PP or PE
Syringe Plunger mould surface treatment Mirror polishing finishing
Syringe Plunger Mould life 1 million shot time


3. Syringe gasket mold:

Most end users purchase standard rubber stoppers directly to instead of injection molding production. The injection molding gasket will be made by TPE materials. However, most of the standard rubber stoppers are made of butyl rubber. This and injection molding production are two processes. Natural rubber is not suitable for making syringe stoppers.

Tianjin xuansheng technology also have experience of gasket mould processing. If any demand, please contact us at any time.


4. Syringe needle cap mold:

There are many type syringe caps suitable for different application. Tianjin Xuansheng technology could customize the needle caps molds as per requirement.

Following are some images for different syringe needle cap:

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