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Over molding

1. What's over molding 

Overmolding is a special injection molding process that seamlessly combines multiple materials into a single part or product.

It usually consists of a rigid plastic-based component covered with a thin, flexible, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) outer layer or other material, using single shot (insert molding) or double shot (multi-shot molding) technology , To achieve the effect of covering single-color soft rubber or double-color and multi-color products.

2. Over Molding Advantage 

1) Improved product performance

(1) It can create a soft, non-slip grip for any number of products, which is not only comfortable but also essential, especially for medical products such as surgical instruments.

(2) The TPE surface can be used as an environmental barrier to protect the product and prolong its life by reducing impact, vibration and noise, providing electrical insulation and improving chemical resistance/ultraviolet resistance.


2) Improve product feasibility and customer satisfaction, increase shelf attractiveness

(1) Adding aesthetic effects to its products will help the product stand out from the competition

(2) TPE has a variety of colors and can be designed for different finishes.

(3) It can meet the customization requirements on the product. Such as company logo, information or operating instructions.


3) Reduced production costs.

(1) Reduce the number of manufacturing steps involved, for example, it can eliminate the injection and assembly of automotive, electronic, medical and other components (such as gaskets or bumpers) and secondary finishing operations (priming, painting or coating) Needs of

(2) Improve production efficiency

(3) Reduce defective products and save production costs.


3. Over molding Application in Medical Industry:

Overmolded components provide attributes that build performance capabilities in a wide range of medical applications, including:

Handheld device: soft grip, vibration control and abrasion resistance,

Surgical instruments: non-slip handle, chemical resistance and biocompatibility,

Instrument housing: impact resistance, noise and vibration control and improved aesthetics,

Display: impact resistance, noise control and abrasion resistance,

Pipe or Luer connector: liquid or gas seal,

Electrical connectors: insulation and color recognition,

Syringe: chemical resistance, non-slip handle and built-in seal.


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