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PBT injection mold & molding products

PBT mold & PBT injection molding Technology:


The crystallization of PBT is rapid, and due to the high crystallization rate of PBT, this will cause bending deformation due to uneven cooling. Therefore, the viscosity of PBT materials is very low, and the cycle time of plastic parts processing is generally low. And this material is easily hydrolyzed at high temperature, so drying treatment before processing is very important. 

Many mold suppliers cannot grasp the characteristics of this material, and it is difficult to make qualified molds and injection molded products.

XUANSHENG TECHNOLOGY, as a professional mold manufacturer, has successfully mastered the injection molding technology of this material.

The material of PBT is mainly used in the following aspects:

1. Household appliances: food processing blades, vacuum cleaner elements, electric fans, hair dryer housings, coffee utensils, etc.,

2. Electrical components: switches, motor shells, fuse boxes, computer keyboard keys, etc.,

3. Automotive industry: radiator grilles, body panels, wheel covers, door and window components, etc.

4. Mechanical equipment: belt drive shaft of videotape recorder, computer cover, mercury lamp cover, electric iron cover, baking machine parts and many gears, cams, buttons, electronic watch casings, camera parts (with heat-resistant, flame retardant requirements).

5. In addition, since the material of PBT does not react with chemical substances, many incense machines are also produced with the material of PBT.

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