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Micro Centrifuge Tube Mold

Xuansheng technology as the Centrifuge tube manufacturer, provide mold & tube products. There are many types of laboratory consumables. The most common are those tube consumables, such as centrifuge tubes.

There are many types of centrifuge tubes:

Centrifuge tubes Sort Details Centrifuge tubes
By plastic materials

PP: PP is the normal materials, translucent, It has good chemical and temperature stability, and should not be below 4°C during centrifugation.

PC: The transparency is good, the hardness is high, and it can be sterilized at high temperature, but it is not resistant to strong acid and alkali and some organic solvents such as alcohol. Mainly used for ultracentrifugation above 50,000 rpm.

PE: Opaque. It does not react with acetone, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, etc., and is relatively stable, and it is easy to become soft at high temperature.

Other materials: PA / PS / PF / CAB, etc

By capacity

Micro centrifuge tubes: (2mL、1.5mL、0.65mL、0.5mL, 0.2mL), It is often used in conjunction with a micro centrifuge for the separation of trace reagents, and is often used in molecular biology micro-operation experiments.

Small volume centrifuge tubes: (50mL, 15mL), common centrifuge tubes in laboratories.

Large capacity centrifuge tubes: (500mL, 250mL), it is the centrifuge choice for large-capacity cell harvesting, pelleting and protein purification. Generally, centrifuge tubes with a capacity greater than 100mL are centrifuge bottles.

By bottom shape

Round-bottom centrifuge tube: When collecting density gradients, you can choose a round bottom; the round bottom has a large area and can withstand greater centrifugal force than a pointed bottom.

Sharp bottom centrifuge tube: When the sample is small, when collecting the precipitate, it is better to separate with the sharp bottom, and the supernatant is easier to be sucked by a pipette.

Flat-bottomed centrifuge tube: The use is the same as that of the sharp-bottomed centrifuge tube, but the centrifuge tube can stand up, making it easier to remove during experiments. Other flat-bottomed centrifuge tubes are mostly centrifuge bottles and sample tubes.

By Lid

1. Small volume centrifuge tubes are capped,

2. Ordinary capacity centrifuge tubes have both caps, plug caps and screw caps,

3. Centrifuge tubes with a capacity of more than 50ml are basically screw caps.

Note: The centrifuge tube with a cap has a marking scale on the tube wall, while the centrifuge tube with a screw cap has a finer scale, and the capped centrifuge tube has only one overall capacity mark.

By application

Preparative and analytical centrifuge tubes.

There is no strict classification standard, and the preparative type is for the purpose of separating and purifying biochemical substances, cells and subcellular particles. Analytical requirements are higher.

By speed Low-speed centrifuge tubes and high-speed centrifuge tubes.

Tianjin Xuansheng technology are professional manufacturer in centrifuge tubes injection mold. Rich experience.

Mold specification as follows:

Mold Name Centrifuge tubes injection mold
Cavity quantity 16 / 32 / 48/ 64
Plastic materials

PP/ PC / PE or others


Cold runner

Semi hot runner

Hot runner system:  Husky

Size as per drawing or samples
cycle time Around 15 second by Husky hot runner system

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