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Blood collection tube mold

Xuansheng Technology are professional Blood collection tube manufacturer in China, for Blood collection tube mold & injection molding products with rich experience in this area.

Normally International Standard blood collection tube include 13×75mm, 13×100mm, 16*100mm, we could also customized the mold as per client's drawings requirement.

Blood collection tubes include two types of vacuum blood collection tubes and non-vacuum blood collection tubes.

Different type tube not only adopt different plastic materials, but mold materials, runner system, technology, mold costs also different very large.


Vacuum blood collection tubes are mainly made of PET plastic tube &  glass tube. However, due to the cost reason and the glass tube is easy to cause hemolysis and cell wall hanging, the vacuum blood collection tube is mainly made of PET material instead of the glass blood collection tube.

For different application requirements, non-vacuum blood collection tubes are mainly produced by injection molding of PP or PS. The PP tube is translucent and the PS tube is completely transparent.

The cap of blood collection tube is generally made of PE or PP material. PP pipe caps need to be sealed with rubber plugs, while PE pipe caps can be sealed without rubber plugs.


Normally blood collection  tube mold cavity quantity adopt 16/32/48/64 cavity as per client's injection molding machine specification and requirement.  

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