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Why is Tianjin xuansheng technology?

T-0 Mass Production is our principle. Save your time and cost, Fast Delivery. Let's show you how we realized the T-0 mass production:

1. Intelligence mold development:

1-1. Analogue simulation by intelligence CAE:

(1) Import one-click mold flow analysis, 

(2) Realize intelligent design and precise mold flow, 

(3) Guide mold design and scientific injection molding.

(4) Mold flow analysis realizes the complete integration of CAD & CAE.

1-2. Intelligence Mold design:

(1) Professional R&D team,

(2) Established standard parts library of major manufacturers around the world, 

(3) Using parametric full 3D mold design, 

(4) Color Tolerance management.

(5) Generate & export BOM automatically.

(6) Realize intelligent and standardized design.


2. Precision mold processing:

(1) Our main work is on the technology working. To confirm everything in advance before mold processing. 

(2) We guarantee the mold precision and quality by world-class processing equipment.

3. Quality inspection:

After World-class equipment processing, we also handle the quality and precision by world-class inspection equipment. 


Except the Technology advantage and world-class equipment advantage, what's the different with others suppliers? 

1. Quality control from Germany brand mold steel.

2. ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 13485 certificate by Lloyd's in UK. 

3. Taiwanese Group, 30 years rich experience.

4.  Master many specifically molding processes in technology.

5. Professional in Medical, Automotive, Electric mold & products. 

6. Free design, DFM, Technology video meeting.

7. 100k grade clean room for Medical products molding.  

8. To guarantee the mold's working life, provide Mill Testing Report of the materials.

I want to see your factory condition?

Welcome to contact us at any time, we could show you our factory by video meeting. You could also visit the following link to see details:

Tianjin Xuansheng Technology Factory and workshop

Welcome to visiting us, Professional Expert teams waiting services for you.