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Tianjin xuansheng technology as Taiwanese 30 years experience Medical Supplies Supplier, with ISO 9001, ISO 13485 Certificate, rich experience. For Medical Supplies mold & products, Tianjin xuansheng technology focus on syringe mold, blood collection tube mold, lancing device mold, Pregnancy test kit mold, Medical sharp container mold, etc., also provide service in mass production by 100k grade clean room. 

Syringe mold
Blood collection tube mold
Lancet device mold
Pregnancy test kit mold 
Medical sharp container mold


Our mold adopt world-brand mold steel, world-class equipment, analogue simulation CAE & CAD, Intelligence design, guarantee the precision of the mold and molding products.  Welcome to visit us at any time, let's show you more details.

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