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Disposable plastic petri dish factory
Disposable plastic petri dish factory Disposable plastic petri dish factory Disposable plastic petri dish factory

Disposable plastic petri dish factory

Product ID : TXS-M-467
Product Attributes :

Order(MOQ) : 1 bag

Payment : Western Union T/T 

Product Origin : China

Color : clear

Shipping Port : tianjin

Mold cavity: customized

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Product Description

Made of advanced medical PS material, with a hydrophilic surface (TC treatment) that promotes cell adhesion and proliferation.

· A highly transparent and uniform surface, very suitable for microscopic inspection.

· There are 4 ventilation holes on the cover, which promote gas exchange while reducing water vapor condensation.

· Stacked loop design facilitates simple storage of samples and saves space.

· Gamma sterilization, no RNA enzyme, no DNA enzyme, no heat source.

Our company Tianjin Xuansheng technology Co.,Ltd. (TXShas been dedicated to the injection moulding production of petri dish. We have rich experience.Disposable plastic petri dish factory.

Medical-grade polypropylene (PP) raw materials are selected, and the incoming materials are strictly inspected. The chemical properties are stable, the resistance to chemical corrosion is strong, and it is not easy to deform after high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization.

TSX improted Sumitomo electrical injection machines,and set up a one-hundred thousand grade clean room for production.The production process eliminates the introduction of external contaminants, and after third-party testing, it does not contain DNase, RNase, and endotoxins.

Imported mold processing equipment, real-time intelligent constant temperature management, adoption of ERP digital management system, comprehensive introduction of information management into the work process, and traceability of the entire production process.

TXS also have ten thousand grade inspection laboratory for testing products.Products are tested every hour, including all-round tests on size, stability, leakage, air tightness, centrifugation, and functionality before leaving the factory.

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