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Cable tie design & precision molding SOP

Cable tie design & precision injection molding SOP

Tianjin Xuansheng technology as one stop precision mold and precision injection molding manufacturer in China, with 30 years experiences in cable tie projects, from the products design, mold design, mold processing, QC, precision injection molding, packing. If you have any demand, welcome to contact us at any time.

Cable tie mold

Firstly, let's show you the design principle of cable tie:

1. Excellent performance first:

When designing, we will select high-quality plastic products and their raw materials according to their principles, and strive to make their products reasonable in design, rigorous in structure, balanced in every place, consistent in thickness, and simple in molding. To ensure that the designed products have certain excellent performance.


2. The precision mold is very important:

The quality of the mold determines the quality of the product. Especially for cable tie mold. Many cable tie no method to be lock due to the mold problems.


3. Understand all kinds of production raw materials:

It is necessary to understand the characteristics and chemical principles of various plastic materials in the design, and know how to adjust and improve in further work.


4. Accurate and detailed design drawings:

There are various types of cable ties, and within the same category, there are different specifications of cable ties. Therefore, when designing, especially the nylon cable ties customized by customers, we need a detailed and accurate design drawing to facilitate our accurate actual production.


Secondly, Let's show you cable tie production SOP:

1. Selection of the raw materials:

Generally speaking, PA 66 is used for the plastic material of cable tie, because nylon 66 has the characteristics of flame retardant, high tensile strength, wear resistance and good electrical insulation.

Maybe you have a question, that what's the different for PA66 & PA6? Let's show you:

The chemical and physical properties of PA6 are very similar to PA66, however, it has a lower melting point and a wide process temperature range. It has better impact and dissolution resistance than PA66, but is also more hygroscopic.

And PA66 is a semi-crystalline-crystalline material with a high melting point, which maintains strong strength and stiffness at higher temperatures.

For above,

PA6: Excellent thermal stability, high heat resistance; good dimensional stability; high surface quality; good warpage resistance.

PA66: Good high impact resistance, excellent wear resistance, good dimensional stability. It's harder around 12% than PA6.


2. Injection PA66 material into injection mold, injection molding the semi-finished nylon cable ties.

The quality of the cable tie is not only determined by the raw materials, but closely related to the mold and the injection molding process.

For example, we are in the process of injection molding. If the temperature is too high, the original properties of PA 66 should be transformed. If the mold is relatively thin, it will save costs, but the pulling force is completely substandard.

3. Change the hardness of nylon cable ties

After precision injection molding PA66 cable tie, it will be very hard and easy to break. Therefore, we need to use professional cooking equipment to processing the cable ties become soften.  After that, the cable ties will be more toughness and not easy to break anymore.


4. Packaging:

In order to unify the nylon cable tie industry, we package the major specifications of the cable ties in different quantities. Of course, some customers may require different packaging methods. There are also many type cable tie packing machine on the market. Some are fully automatic, and some need operation by manual. 


At last, let's show you something important when you're using the cable tie:

1. PA6 cable ties are hygroscopic. Do not open the package before use. After opening the package in a humid environment, try to use it up within 12 hours, or repack the unused nylon cable ties so as not to affect the nylon during manipulation and use. Tensile strength and rigidity of cable ties. ​​

2. When operating, use the tension force, which cannot exceed the tensile strength (pull force) of the nylon cable tie itself. ​​


3. The circle diameter of the object to be bundled should be smaller than the circle diameter of the nylon cable tie, and the remaining length of the belt body after tying up should be 80MM. Nylon cable ties can maintain excellent mechanical properties and heat aging resistance in a wide temperature range (-40~120℃)


As one stop cable tie manufacturer, we could provide OEM/ODM design, customized injection mold, cable tie final products, and related production line.

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