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Molding Processes

New Technology Injection Molding Processes

Due to more and more complex and high technology requirement from clients. These years Xuansheng group develop many Special New Technology precision plastic moulds and high precision Injection Molding, to guarantee the injection moldings products match all the requirements of clients. Improve products quality, precision, Help customers improve product competitiveness.

New Molding Processes as follows:

1. Mold Design

1. 2K Injection Molding

2. Over molding 

3. Precision Injection Molding

4. Clean room Injection molding

5. Thin Wall Injection Molding

6. Insert Molding

7. Micro Injection Molding

No matter how complex structure of mold requirement, we could customize design and optimization suggestion as per detail CAD and 3D drawings. Match all the requirements from clients.


Following as some of our molding products showing:

Medical Plastic injection mold

Automotive Plastic injection mold

Medical Plastic injection mold

Industry Plastic injection mold

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