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Clean room injection molding

Tianjin xuansheng have 100,000 grade clean room, injection molding medical parts conforming to ISO 13485 standards. It also provides a competitive advantage for clean room molded plastics through engineering stages such as product design, project management, mold manufacturing, material selection and product testing.

1. Clean room molding manufacturer:

Clean room injection molding is widely used in many industries such as optics, electronics, precision manufacturing, medicine and health.

We can provide tailor-made products, including medical parts, bottle caps and medical parts.

2. Clean room molding requirement:

1) Positive airflow:

In order to ensure the purity of the air and maintain a strict particle counting environment, the level 7 and 8 clean rooms of injection molding use positive airflow to ensure specific particles.

2) Wear protective clothing:

Clean room injection molding is a restricted area, and only authorized personnel can enter the completely covered clean room, including shoe covers, full protective clothing and hair cover. All clothing must be changed immediately after being contaminated.

3) Motor:

In order to avoid more particles in the air, in a clean room injection molding environment, a motor replaces a hydraulic press.

4) Packaging requirements:

Some corrugated packaging will produce extra particles, so it is not allowed to enter the clean room. Coated cardboard or plastic packaging is the most common.

3. Which itmes need molding in Clean room:

1) Medical equipment housing

2) Surgical instruments

3) Implant

4) Emergency room products

5) Infusion device

6) Infusion container

7) Heart products

8) Blood delivery housing

9) Optical grade lens

10) Dental products

11) Medical equipment housing

12) Surgical instruments

13) Emergency planting

14) Fluid delivery device

15) Fluid delivery container

16) Heart products

4. What plastic materials are usually used for injection molding in medical clean rooms:

Commonly used plastic materials for injection molding in medical clean rooms are as follows.


2) ABS

3) Acetal


5) LDPE nylon

6) TPE


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